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Behavior Management Workshop Kuwait, 2011 –  An attendee shares her response to a behavior management scenario.
Course Completion Ceremony Oman, 2011– An attendee is presented with a course certificate.
Sight Reading Workshop Kuwait, 2011 — Attendees proudly display their flashcards.
Start Early at Zayed University Abu Dhabi, 2010 — An education student from Zayed University proudly displays her certificate.
Sight Reading Teaching Aid Workshop Oman, 2011 — Attendees and a trainer happily display the flashcards they have made.
Fine Motor Skills Workshop Qatar, 2011 — A trainer demonstrates use of teaching aids designed to strengthen fine motor skills.
Behavior Management And Communication Workshop Qatar, 2011 — Trainer defines balance in behavior management and communication with children.
Encyclopedic Knowledge Workshop Kuwait, 2011 – Trainer demonstrates encyclopedic knowledge methodology.
Lesson Planning Workshop Qatar, 2011 – Trainer explains weekly lesson planning forms.

Start Early Introduction

Formal education in a child’s life often begins at four to six years of age -- but learning begins at birth. Research suggests that the earliest years of life lay the foundation for all that follows and are determining factors in the development of a child’s capacity to learn. Good health, a safe and nurturing environment, and the right kind of mental stimulation provide a child with a strong framework for growth and help ensure future success at school, work and in society.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to the developmental period from conception to age eight. During this stage, children learn through manipulating objects, exploring, experimenting and interacting with the world around them. ECD relies on creating an environment that provides warmth, affection, security and encouragement.

The Start Early Program embraces the concept of a holistic approach to early childhood development.
The course targets the educational and developmental needs of young children 0 - 6 years of age, taking into consideration the learning processes of the young child, wherein social interaction, play, exploration, manipulation of materials and language development all play an important role.

Start Early provides parents, educators and caregivers with guidance, information and training that will enable them to make the most of this fundamental stage of a child’s development.Topics such as the importance of play, language development, pre-reading and writing and encyclopedic knowledge, behavior management, communication skills, storytelling, and safety are covered in this highly practical and motivating course.

The “Start Early” program has been developed in the MENASA region, and utilizes best practices that are in harmony with the culture of the Middle East and GCC countries. Start Early has been developed and is facilitated by foreign trainers and course developers who have lived and worked in the region for over 15 years.